Reduce Relationship Stress Together

relationship stress

Stress is an inevitable part of life. Finding ways to manage and reduce relationship stress in your life is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your relationship.

Stress in a relationship can cause a type of feedback loop. If I’m stressed, it makes Katie stressed. If Katie is getting stressed, then it makes me even more stressed. And further down the hole we go.

Although your relationship can be a source of stress in your life, which is totally normal, it is also the best tool you have to reduce stress. These are some of the best ways you and your partner can reduce stress together.

Sex, The Ultimate Stress Reducer

This one is pretty obvious, but it must be said. All your worries will just melt away once you have a toe curling orgasm. Make sure to go the extra step and really take the time to make the evening special.

Don’t just go for a quickie, although that is also a great stress reducer! Light some candles, put on something sexy, break out the massage oil. Let all your worries go for the night and just focus on each other.

Check our Couples Challenge on planning an intimate date night to help you have a relaxing and sexy evening.

Go For a Little Road Trip

relationship stress

Sometimes we just want to drop everything and run away, unfortunately that’s easier said than done. Instead just take a mini escape from reality.

Pick a point on the map, pack a lunch, and head out on the open road. Don’t think or talk about work, or the bills, or the wedding your planning. Just enjoy the sights and sounds, you can worry about all that when you get back.

Reduce Relationship Stress With a Good Cuddle

Maybe you had a long stressful day at work and you don’t have the energy to sex out the stress. A good, comfy, warm cuddle can do wonders.

Just go lie in bed, and hold each other. Light some candles, put on a soothing playlist, and get under the covers together.

It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that. Enjoy the quiet moment.

Exercise The Stress Away


Another great way to release all that anger is to get a workout in. Pump some iron, go for a long jog or bike ride, or do 200 push ups.

It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you’re getting your heart rate up you’ll be releasing a lot of that pent up anxiety and stress. Working out also releases endorphin’s, which is the body’s way of naturally making you feel happy.

Then go take a nice long hot shower together and let those muscles relax. Wrap up with a nice massage to complete the evening.

If you need more reasons why your should work out together go read 5 reasons why couples should work out together.

Sooth Your Soul With Some Yoga

If working the anger out in a rage of exercise isn’t your thing then try doing some calming yoga instead.

A good 20-30 min session of stretching and breathing will clear your head right up. Yoga also has the added the benefit of being sexy too. We’ve started plenty of yoga sessions that ended in a pile of tangled body parts on the floor.

If you’re unsure of how to properly do yoga there are tons of great videos on YouTube to guide you, and it’s not very hard to find yoga classes near by either.

Don’t worry about getting every move right. Laugh when you fall over or just skip a move to stare at your partner’s impressive flexibility.

Get It Off Your Chest


I tend to keep my feelings to myself, like many men. Even the most stoic of people need to vent every once in awhile. Reduce stress by just getting it off your chest and talking about it.

This can be tricky because the source of stress could be your relationship, which is an even better reason to get it all out in the open. The key here is to actively listen to each other. Take a look at our exercise on improving communication on how to approach actively listening to each other.

Take Some Time To Yourself

A major cause of stress in everyone’s life is the preoccupation with everyone else. Trying to get a project done for your boss. Making sure you see your parents. Finding time to go out with your friends. And of course, making sure your partner is happy. This can really start to weigh us down.

Take the time to do something for yourself. Go for a walk, or go to the spa. Dive into a good book. We wrote a post on ways to take time for yourself here.

Don’t Let Stress Take Over Your Relationship

relationship stress

Stress in a relationship is a very serious issue and should be tackled immediate. PsychCentral has a great article on coping with stress in your relationship that we recommend you read.

Reduce relationship stress and focus on making each other happy and relaxed. Your partner and your relationship are the best tools you have to reducing stress in your life. Recognize the signs and tackle the issues immediately.

Authored by: Chris Nanni

Chris is a geek that loves to cook, travel, and dream big. He brings the male point of view to LoveTripping. Chris believes there are no passengers on a LoveTrip, everyone has to take the wheel sometimes. He wants couples to take charge of their LoveTrip with teamwork, an open mind, and a level headed approach to conflicts.

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