Week #1: Mike & Luci

We are so happy to present Love Tripping’s first Couple of the Week! We could not have started with a better couple as these two know how to make their relationship work and can teach us all something with their almost 20 years of experience together.

Mike & Luci

Ages: 39ishCouple of the week: Mike & Lucy

Status: Married 19 years Wow!

How did you meet? We met in the 2nd grade. Luci dated Mike’s best friend all through high school. Mike left the country for two years, Luci missed him. We married on Mike’s return.

When did you realize you were in love? We have always been really good friends. We have so much in common. When did we realize that we were in love? We are friends first, every day we fall more in love with each other. I know that sounds sappy, but our relationship continues to improve as the years go by. It didn’t take long after we first started dating after Mike got home to realize that we were made for each other. We are still together 19 years later!

What qualities in each other make you a good match? Great question! Mike is the planner. Luci brings the fun. Mike is the driver. Luci is the talker. We are two very type A people. Thus the name of our travel blog is so fitting: The Fighting Couple. What makes us a good match is, we never give up on each other. We do push each other to be better, we do get in each other’s face when needed. With that said, we work together extremely well. We are both addicted to travel and adventure, it is at the heart of our relationship.

What is your perfect date night? The perfect date is any night that we can be alone without the kids! Which is a rarity. We really enjoy going out with other couples for dinner and lively conversation….and some good food. Our most romantic date was simply sitting on a balcony of the Waldorf Astoria Rome overlooking the city, talking about our lives, watching the sunset.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a couple and how did you get through it? Where do we start? Seems like everyday brings a new challenge! Thankfully we have had relatively good health and stable job situations. Our biggest challenge so far was when we were first married, we drove across the US for internships in Washington DC. We drove a 1987 beat up old car, Luci was 5 months pregnant with our first child. No air conditioning. We only had a few dollars to our name. Our car broke down in the midwest. We ended up buying the world’s most expensive water pump! We did make it out there and back! A miracle!

Mike & Luci: Couple Of The Week

What is one thing you would like to improve about your relationship? We have to work on our marriage every day. Both of us have stressful and demanding occupations. We constantly have to make time for each other. We try to be a little creative due to the amount of travel that each of us must do for work. Our marriage is very much a work in progress. Finding the time to have meaningful communication is one of the greatest challenges we are facing.

What advice would you go back and give yourselves when you just started dating? Run! Seriously, we would have told ourselves, it’s all going to work out. Don’t let other’s opinions affect your version of perfection. Every couple needs to find their own path. Embrace your own way. You can work it out together! Never, ever give up on each other. Never!

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Thank you Mike & Luci for your amazing insights into your relationship and some great advice for all the couples out there!

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Authored by: Katie & Chris

Chris and Katie are the LoveTripper’s. They have been together for over 9 years, and got married in April 2014. They believe that the key to a healthy long-lasting relationship is constant work and effort. The Love Tripper’s share their advice on how to keep that sexy fire burning, avoiding pointless arguments, and finding a deeper love for your partner every day. Love is a trip, enjoy the ride!

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