Week#24 – Victoria & Terrence

We are so excited to share the love story of Victoria & Terrence! Their relationship may be young but their love and caring for each other is strong. The path isn’t always a simple one, but they let us know that sometimes you just have to follow your heart!

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Victoria & Terrence

Ages: Her: 23 Him: 27

Status: Dating/Traveling together

How long have you been together?: Facebook official? 3 months! Involved? Almost a year.

How did you meet?: He is a photographer and I am a model and we met at a Photoshoot. He turned me down saying to check back in a month and I wrote back to him in exactly a month and we scheduled the Photoshoot.

When did you realize you were in love?: It has been a long process! We realized that we were in love during our travels and when we came to terms with the fact that we couldn’t be apart and didn’t want to be with anyone else.

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What qualities in each other make you a good match?: I am SUPER extroverted and he is SUPER introverted. I’m a type A to a T and he is very creative and artistic. We are such opposites but the ying and yang balance out!

What is your perfect date night?: Walking around a city in a foreign country, going out to eat, then coming home and watching game of thrones ;$

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a couple and how did you get through it?: When we realized something was going on, I was still in a relationship with a woman. The breakup process and coming to terms with the fact that I was interested in a man was a very long and difficult process for both of us. But he stuck around!

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What is one thing you would like to improve about your relationship?: I want to improve our understanding. We are pretty good, but we are two very different people and are still learning to understand and better sympathize with each other.

What advice would you go back and give yourselves when you just started dating?: I would tell myself to follow my heart and do what I know I was going to decide anyway. As for us as a couple, nothing! Not yet at least!

Thank you Victoria & Terrence for sharing your story with us!

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Authored by: Katie Vannier

Katie is a baker, nature enthusiast, and lover of naps. She brings a female perspective to LoveTripping with a focus on romance, approaching arguments rationally, and strengthening bonds. Katie believes both partners need to give 100% and be willing to compromise for a relationship to work.

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