Valentines Day: What Men Want

Valentines day is pretty synonymous with women and romance. Flowers, chocolates, candles, and all those pretty frilly things. But what about us guys? What do men want for Valentines day? It’s not that complicated honestly.

Valentines Day for Men

Valentines Simplicity

Men are simple creatures. There is no need to go overboard with the Valentines day planning for your man. Food, sex, and a little love is really all we need to make us happy.

Men are not the most attentive to the little details. We probably won’t notice or appreciate all the extra effort of candles, rose petals, and the different nail polish you put on. You’re just setting yourself up for disappointment and frustration by going through all that extra effort.

What we will notice is your sexy lingerie and that look in your eyes that says “I want you now!”

Hot, Steamy, Dirty Sex

The sexiest holiday of the year deserves some of the hottest sex you can handle. Now is the time to bring out that inner porn star and show your man what kind of sexy nympho you can be.

Tell him how bad you want his cock. Give him the best blowjob ever. If you feel comfortable with it, then Valentine’s day anal sex is probably the best gift you could give your man. If you’re looking for other hot and steamy ideas for your sexy night then go download our sexy game for couples right now! 

Don’t hold anything back tonight. Let the dirty talk fly. Go out and get that schoolgirl outfit he’s been begging you to wear for the longest time. Push him up against the wall and kiss him HARD. Nothing gets a man’s sex drive going than a woman who shows a primal lust for his sex.

The Gift Surprise Sex

Sex is pretty much guaranteed to happen on Valentines day. However the onus usually falls on the man to take the initiative. Now is the perfect time for the lady to charge in with some surprise sex.

You probably decided to head out for a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant. Once you’ve parked the car reach over to your man, give him a deep sexy kiss, and then go that extra step of giving him a blow job. Don’t even say a word. Guaranteed he’ll be stunned and amazed.

Usually you would end the evening with sex but the morning is a great time to surprise your man and jump on top of him. Just roll over and hop on for a ride. What better way to kick off your day than with a couple of orgasms.

Honestly, any time the women takes charge of sex, it’s going to be a surprise. Keep it simple, take the lead, and just do it!

A Delicious Valentine’s Day Meal

We’ve all heard the proverb “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” This is male simplicity at it’s finest. One of the sexiest things Katie can do for me is cook me a delicious meal.

You can’t go wrong with a thick, juicy, steak, some potatoes, and a robust dry red wine. Whip up his favorite dessert, and pour a nice glass of scotch. He will be putty in your hands. Take a look at our pinterest board for some more delicious sexy meals you can make your man.

valentines day for men

Katie and I love to cook together. Consider the meal prep just another part of your sexy evening. Enjoy a glass of wine as you’re getting dinner ready. While you’re waiting for that pork roast in the oven surprise your man with sex on the kitchen floor. That’ll get the appetite going.

If you’re not the most talented of chefs then you could always order take out from his favorite restaurant. Some BBQ ribs, or a greasy cheesy pizza, and a 6 pack of his favorite brew. It might not sound like the most romantic of meals, but remember, simplicity is key. Nothing is simpler than a man’s appetite for good food and sexy company.

A Man’s Night

Are you having trouble planning a romantic Valentines date night for your man? Don’t over think it. We’re not interested in the finer details of the evening. Just take him out for a manly night of drinking and fun.

Is there game on? Surprise him with tickets to watch the game together. If you can’t do that then take him out to a sports bar. Order some sticky chicken wings, a plate of cheesy nacho’s, and a pitcher of beer.

Want something a little more romantic. Go see a live band of his favorite music. If he’s a whiskey lover like myself take him to a classy bar and order some cocktails.

If you’re looking for something a little more sexy, you can him take to a strip club. You’ll be surprised at how many couples you’ll find at the strip club. If you’re feeling brave get a lap dance together. Guaranteed you’ll be rushing home and ripping each others clothes off before you get to your door.

Appreciation and recognition

valentines day for men

Sometimes being a man is a thankless task. We’re expected to be the strong silent type. We fix things that are broke. We do the dirty jobs. We are men!

A little thank you and appreciation goes a long way for a man. It doesn’t have to be some elaborate act of appreciation either. One of the best feelings in the world is when Katie kisses me thank you for something I’ve done for her. Like saying thank you for all the times I make her a snack.

It feels nice to be appreciated by the ones you love. We often take each other for granted. This Valentines day take an extra second to show appreciation for all the little things your man does for you. Go give our couples challenge little loving things exercise a try to help you remember those little things your man does for you.

Couples put a lot of pressure on themselves to go all out on Valentines day. Luckily for the ladies most men need very little to make them happy. A small gesture of appreciation, some good food, and hot sex goes a long way for a man. In the end good food and hot sex is pretty win / win right? We want to know what kind of Valentines day you have planned for you man. Tell us below in the comments!

Authored by: Chris Nanni

Chris is a geek that loves to cook, travel, and dream big. He brings the male point of view to LoveTripping. Chris believes there are no passengers on a LoveTrip, everyone has to take the wheel sometimes. He wants couples to take charge of their LoveTrip with teamwork, an open mind, and a level headed approach to conflicts.

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