7 Days Of Admiration

As our relationships progress we tend to start taking our partners for granted. A happy and healthy relationship needs constant effort and work to keep it rolling along smoothly. For this week’s Couples Challenge we want you to display your admiration for each other for 7 days. Here are the guidelines:


Each Day Use A Different Method

Day 1 – Say something meaningful directly to your partner
Day 2 – Send a text message to tell them how much they mean to you.
Day 3 – Email a picture of yourself holding up a sign with some heartfelt words.
Day 4 – Tweet them as much love as you can in 140 characters. Don’t forget to #LoveTripping!
Day 5 – Make a quick video on youtube or vine and profess your love for your partner.
Day 6 – Today a good old fashion card will do the trick. It’s not the card that matters, but what you write it in.
Day 7 – No words, just actions. A sensual touch, a kiss, or a look. Time to get creative.

There is no wrong way to do this exercise. Be funny, charming, sexy, cute, or silly. What matters is the thought and effort you put into keeping your relationship healthy and happy. And when then 7 days are over, just keep going. No reason to stop!

We want to hear about your 7 days. Tell us about your Admiration Week on our Facebook page!

Authored by: Katie & Chris

Chris and Katie are the LoveTripper’s. They have been together for over 9 years, and got married in April 2014. They believe that the key to a healthy long-lasting relationship is constant work and effort. The Love Tripper’s share their advice on how to keep that sexy fire burning, avoiding pointless arguments, and finding a deeper love for your partner every day. Love is a trip, enjoy the ride!

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