The Backpacking Couple: See the World and Keep the Romance Alive

Backpacking the world as a couple is an amazing way to share your love of travel, bond in incredible ways, and have long lasting experiences. It has never been easier for couples to pack up their lives and trek through Asia, eat amazing food in Europe, and road trip through the USA. Check out some great general guidelines on if you and your partner should consider becoming a backpacking couple. 

The BackPacking Couple

All that being said, backpacking isn’t always the most glamorous or sexy way to travel. It can be exhausting, scary, stressful, and leave little time for moments alone.

If you want to get all the joy out of backpacking together without losing any of the fire read ahead for our tips and tricks on how to backpack the world and keep the romance alive.

Backpacking Couples Must Stay Hygienic

This advice may seem simple enough but it becomes all too easy to stop caring about your personal hygiene after a few weeks of backpacking. Hostel bathrooms aren’t always the cleanest and you may not have a lot of privacy to do any maintenance.

Take advantage of clean hostels and private hotel rooms. If you really have no options, baby wipes can be your best friend. Make sure you still brush your teeth, wear deodorant, and change your clothes regularly.

Chris and I spent 2 weeks driving through the Australian Outback in 40C weather without A/C staying at campsites where the showers were filled with spiders and toads. Needless to say it wasn’t our cleanest moment. We did make sure to change clothes often, use baby wipes to remove our sweat, and shower as soon as we found a usable place. Sure we didn’t feel sexy but at least we could sneak in a kiss here or there without holding our noses.

Splurge Once a Week

Most couples who do long term backpacking are very budget conscious. Finding cheap accommodation is great but usually involves dorm rooms, thin walls, and shared living space.

If you never get any personal time together, your sex life will become non existent. Take 1 day a week to upgrade your living situation to something a little more private. It doesn’t have to be a 5star hotel, just somewhere you can feel comfortable making the bed squeak or walk around naked.

After our 2 weeks of sweating it out in the Outback, we “splurged” and got ourselves a private bungalow at a campsite. It had A/C, a big clean bathroom, and a fluffy bed. Just what we needed after 2 weeks of barely touching each other. We took full advantage of that bungalow and felt much more connected afterwards.

Make the Most of Romantic Moments

romantic backpacking couple

A huge part of keeping your sex life intact as a backpacking couple is maintaining that feeling of connection. It can become too easy to just become roommates or travel buddies and lose some of that intimacy you had at home.

Take advantage of the small romantic moments that happen throughout your travels. After an epic hike, lie down next to a waterfall together. Take a boat ride to watch the sunset and celebrate with champagne. Sit in a church and watch a couple get married. Romance is all around you if you recognize it and allow it to engulf you.

Chris and I love hiking and try and find a trail wherever we travel. Some of our most romantic moments have been when we stop along the hike to breath. We share a snack, cuddle a little, and just sit quietly taking it all in together. Its simple and beautiful and makes us feel connected to each other in a whole new way.

Go On a Date

I know I know, you’re on the trip of a lifetime together, and your with each other 24/7, why would you need to go on a date? When you’re together all the time, you can start becoming unappreciative of each other. A great way to solve this is to take your time together to a new level by planning out a specific date.

Do something special, wear your cleanest and nicest clothes, drink a little more, and stay out a little longer. Instead of just another meal, make this night memorable. Even backpacking the world can start to feel like a routine so do something wild to shake things up and remember why you’re doing this together. Check out these great date ideas while travelling.

Every once in awhile we throw our budget out the window and hit the town. One night in New York City we got appetizers at 10 different restaurants, drank amazing cocktails, and walked through the entire city. It felt like a movie and left us feeling happy to be by each others side. We ignored our routine and just enjoyed each others company.

Don’t be Afraid of the Quickie

Long and beautiful sex sessions are hard to come by when backpacking as a couple. In between changing hotels, travelling to new countries, and sightseeing, you might feel a little short on time. If it’s been awhile and you’re both starting to feel antsy, don’t be afraid to just go for it and release some of that pent up sexual energy.

Have a morning quickie before you check out or after a night of drinking before you collapse into bed. Sure you can’t live off quickies forever but it’s good to have a little reminder of why you love each others naked bodies. It will make a more romantic night in the future even more memorable.

After many long days of jet lag and being a straight up tourist in Thailand, Chris and I just couldn’t stay awake at night to even kiss goodnight. We finally had a morning where we woke up with enough energy to enjoy each others company before grabbing breakfast and taking a nap. We both felt so much better knowing that desire was still burning even if we were both exhausted. It boosted our confidence and built up the tension for a longer romantic session later that week.

Get Adventurous

romantic backpacking couple


For the daring and sexually adventurous couples, finding a fun little spot to get down and dirty can be just what you need to light a fire. Even making out in a quiet alley or getting in a few extra grabs while on a hike can help renew excitement.

Be careful since some countries are much stricter about physical contact and public displays of affection but don’t be afraid to test your own boundaries. If you can’t touch, whisper to your partner exactly what you wish they would be doing right now. I guarantee there will be lots of touching later in the evening.

I can admit that Chris and I might share a little too much PDA. Little kisses, thigh squeezes, and butt grabs are now habitual to our relationship. Having a sweaty makeout session alone on a mountain top or being a little daring on a 20th floor balcony are fun ways we keep the adrenaline pumping and carry that energy back to the bedroom.

We hope these tips will help you keep the fire burning in your relationship as you travel the world together discovering new and amazing places. For more general information about travelling as a couple go to the Lovetrippers Guide to Happy Travels

Authored by: Katie Vannier

Katie is a baker, nature enthusiast, and lover of naps. She brings a female perspective to LoveTripping with a focus on romance, approaching arguments rationally, and strengthening bonds. Katie believes both partners need to give 100% and be willing to compromise for a relationship to work.

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