The Importance of Foreplay: How to Improve Your Sex Life

Chris and I are fierce advocates of the quickie every now and then, but in the long term, relationships need a little more finesse and attention. Too often when couples describe foreplay they think of oral sex minutes before penetration and don’t realize that it goes much deeper.

The Importance of Foreplay

Foreplay starts way before you take off your clothes and hours before you are even touching. We want you to learn the importance of foreplay and how it can increase the pleasure and intensity of your sex life.

Foreplay should become a part of every aspect of your day. It allows your mind and your body to be open to each other and ready for a deeper intimacy.

The difference you will feel between sex with and without foreplay can be extreme. Read our tips and tricks on how to implement foreplay throughout your day and turn a regular night of sex into a fiery passionate evening of intimacy.


Words are powerful and can completely change the emotions of a situation. Have you ever been looking forward to an intimate evening together only to have the mood ruined by a small insignificant disagreement. The foreplay of conversation can start days before you actually have that intimate night together. Your conversation does not need to be sexually oriented, just focused on each other in positive ways.

Throw each other complements a little more often. Describe  your favourite parts of their body. Try avoiding unnecessary arguments.  You will be itching to do more than just talk as your mind will be filled with positive thoughts towards each other.

LOVETRIPPING TIP: Do your best to arrange your intimate date night away from stressful meetings, tough talks with family, or any other conversations that will cloud your thoughts and distract you.

Body Language

The Importnace of foreplay body language

Foreplay is all about body language. Nothing will quiet your libido more than getting the cold shoulder from your partner throughout the day. If you don’t look like you want to be intimate, your partner has no time to get excited for the night ahead.

Sitting close to each other, giving side eye glances, maybe even getting dressed for work a little more seductively than usual. Sex appeal is an internal feeling that you emit. From the way you stand, walk, flip your hair, or gaze at your partner. Have you ever looked at someone and said to yourself  “I don’t know why I find that person so attractive?” It’s their body language that envelops you and makes you notice them.

LOVETRIPPING TIP: Avoid your  laptops and cell phones when you are with your partner. Being hunched over your phone with your backs to each other does not scream “I want you!”.


Food has long been attached to sex. Whether its claims that certain foods are aphrodisiacs  or that it is the key to a man’s heart, food permeates every part of our lives including sex. Using food as a form of foreplay can get your mind spinning.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate food into your foreplay. Keep it simple with strawberries dipped in chocolate or go all out with an elaborate meal for two. Feed one another, focus on each other’s mouths, on what your hands are doing, and the taste of every delicious bite. Just remember not to overeat, go easy on the garlic, and save room for a little dessert.

LOVETRIPPING TIP: Stay away from heavy foods today. The French are considered some of the best lovers in the world, have you ever noticed how small their portions are. Food comas are not sexy!


Foreplay and technology

Living in a digital world means we are more connected then ever but it can be tough to really feel a deep sexual connection through a computer or a phone. If you are apart from each other for long periods of time, using technology may be your best and only form of foreplay so learn to do it right.

Sexting is often joked about but if done subtly and with meaning it is a great way to boost your libido until you can whisper the same things into each other’s ears. Keep it simple and sexy, leaving the graphic descriptions for cheap drugstore romance novels. Use music to let your partner know exactly how your feeling or what you want to do with them later on. Technology can feel cold and emotionless so make sure you keep it personal and about your partner.

LOVETRIPPING TIP: Send photos throughout the day that let your partner know your thinking of them. You wearing their favourite outfit, making dessert for later, or lying in bed patiently waiting for them.


The right clothing can make a person feel sexier than ever before. Whatever your plans for the day are, make sure you feel good. If you spend the whole day feeling sexy, strong, powerful, or whatever else makes you feel good, you will be more willing to show that feeling off to your partner.

If its lingerie, costumes, party dresses, or suits, work it! Your confidence will shine through whatever you may be wearing and soon those clothes won’t matter because your confidence will be radiating from inside.

LOVETRIPPING TIP: If you don’t know what to wear for your intimate evening, make shopping for a sexy outfit part of your foreplay. Hit up a lingerie or sex shop together and pick out something you both love.


Touch has always been associated with foreplay, but it’s time to go beyond the obvious places and moves. The body is filled with erogenous zones that are too often ignored.

Take advantage of every moment of the day to be fully aware of your partners body. Gentle caresses as they walk by, a little squeeze, and extra cuddling. Start getting more and more connected until your bodies feel the need to be even closer. Go deeper and take the time to touch every single part of their body, listening for a right grunt or gasp and then concentrating right there. Discover places you never knew could cause so much pleasure.

LOVETRIPPING TIP: Play with all the senses of your partners skin. Use hot wax (get good candles from the sex shop, not the Dollar store), ice cubes, whips, or feathers. Our skin has nerve endings for every sensation, get them all excited for the ultimate pleasure.

If these tips seem too simple and easy to be true just give them a try. Go do our 7 days of Pleasure couples challenge and start implementing foreplay into your entire week. By the end you will both feel more sexually connected than ever before.

Authored by: Katie Vannier

Katie is a baker, nature enthusiast, and lover of naps. She brings a female perspective to LoveTripping with a focus on romance, approaching arguments rationally, and strengthening bonds. Katie believes both partners need to give 100% and be willing to compromise for a relationship to work.

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