Week #4: Sage & Patch

We are so excited to feature this young and adventurous pair as our Couple of the Week. Remember what is was like to be so young and freshly in love? Sage and Patch show us how important it is to be passionate about each other and passionate about life.

Couple Of The Week - Sage&Patch

Sage & Patch

Ages: 21 and 18

Status: Together 8 Months and Long distance

How did you meet?: Well, my life long friend went into the air force and Patch and her went to the same basic training base. They became friends and last summer she showed me his instagram (of course it was instagram haha) and I instantly knew I had to talk to him! I got his number and we started talking a bit! A couple weeks later we decided to go for it and met in San Francisco. It was the best first date ever!

When did you realize you were in love?: I can’t say it was love at first sight but there was definitely an instant connection and a feeling of an incredible, comfortable, yet exciting friendship that felt like we had known each other for ever. And it didn’t take long for us to realize we were madly in love.

Couple Of The Week - Sage&Patch

What qualities in each other make you a good match?: Honestly, we have so much in common, like having a life goal to travel the world and as simple as loving food. But even what we don’t have in common only makes us be better. Better as a couple, like a completion to be whole and better separate, to test each other and exercise patience and change for the better.

What is your perfect date night?: Being long distance, every time we see each other it is some crazy adventure. We don’t have a perfect date night because we love it all. From pizza and a movie to a night out in San Francisco! Still haven’t camped out on the beach which I think would make for a great date.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a couple and how did you get through it?: I think our biggest challenge is the long distance. We have hopes to move in together in a year but even with that, his job will have him away for months at a time so that will be the biggest challenge we face.

Couple Of The Week - Sage&Patch

What is one thing you would like to improve about your relationship?: Honestly with the way we both are, we work well together. We are open with each other and have great communication. There is passion and understanding. As of now there isn’t much to work on when it comes to the relationship. Although, We both would like improve our financial situation since it is long distance. Our trips to see each other always take a big chunk of change.

What advice would you go back and give yourselves when you just started dating?: To hold on because it only gets better!

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Authored by: Katie & Chris

Chris and Katie are the LoveTripper’s. They have been together for over 9 years, and got married in April 2014. They believe that the key to a healthy long-lasting relationship is constant work and effort. The Love Tripper’s share their advice on how to keep that sexy fire burning, avoiding pointless arguments, and finding a deeper love for your partner every day. Love is a trip, enjoy the ride!

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